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7 Things I Didn’t Think I Needed With a Newborn But..Really Did!

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Shortly after I found out I was pregnant I searched the internet far and wide trying to figure out what the heck we were going to need for a baby (yes, I am a planner and I needed to have the nursery filled with junk for 6 months before he even came).  I came across a ton of blogs – much like this one- posting “Top 10 Baby Items of 2015” or “Things My Newborn Couldn’t Survive Without” ETC ETC. (Half those things on the lists we barely used!) But what did we really need to keep this little guy healthy and happy (and keep my sanity in the process)?  Was I really going to need the most high-end stroller, the fanciest bottles, or that CRAZY Mamaroo I kept seeing all over the internet? (BTW yeah we did get that crazy Mamaroo for our shower and YES it is kind of on this list! haha) So now that my little guy is 5 months old (ugh slow down please!!) I think I can give a little insight into some items (that you may not think you need but if you’re anything like me, YOU WILL!) that may be smart to have waiting when you (in your most exhausted state) bring your bundle of joy home!

In no particular order!

  1. Baby swing – Swings mimic the motion babies feel in the womb which helps to soothe them in a state of crazy which will happen and when it does you will exhaust all of your options and become a puddle of tears on the floor with your baby….JK, kind of.  At some point your baby will need soothing even mommy or daddy can’t fix. We used the 4Moms Mamaroo,  but honestly I am sure any kind of infant swing should work.  Some babies actually don’t even like the Mamaroo and it becomes a waste of money (some may think it still is, I’m on the fence!). Luckily for us though Luci LOVED the Mamaroo when we first brought him home and then for a few months after – after about 4 months it just took up space and collected dust.  But it did save him and us from a lot of tears in those first 4 months! If you do choose the “roo” make sure you get the infant insert, makes the swing a little more snug for your little one.16743556.jpeg
  2. Baby Bum Brush – OK this may be debatable and I also thought it was ridiculous at first…it looks like an icing spreader…for your baby’s butt…weird I know! But it saved me from having diaper rash cream all over my fingers and under my nails! Luci didn’t have diaper rash until about 3 months but he would get a little irritation sometimes and I would use Honest Healing Balm (highly recommend!) but it is super sticky and I felt like it was everywhere before I used this.  We also had a brush with some thrush at 4 months and using this helped to get the medicine precisely on the irritation and not on my hands which would transfer to the diaper etc etc (maybe I’m just really messy or just really tired at 4 AM) These little “spatulas” are about  10$ on but I think they might be a little less at ToysRUs!31Z9jZk9YaL._AC_US174_.jpg
  3. Swaddle Blanket!!– You can use the velcro swaddles or just become really good at swaddling with a blanket, which isn’t too hard but I never trust my swaddle and did feel more comfortable using the velcro ones.  This was another tool we used when he was fussy and we tried everything to soothe him, these also helped to put him to sleep and keep him asleep before he lost the moro reflex.  Once your baby starts rolling over though, move to an arms free swaddle so your baby can move freely. What we used pictured below, but there are a few different brands! 81j8w9C5paL._SX522_.jpg
  4. A baby carrier – Didn’t think I’d need this either until my son decided he wanted to be held all day.  Honestly without a baby carrier I probably would have lost my mind some days.  I was able to get stuff done AND snuggle my little guy!  Heres the one we have and love below –  I tried a few wraps too, but I think I am just clumsy because I could never figure them out! 71sWTUsZg1L._SX522_.jpg
  5. Soothies, Binkies, Whatever you choose to call them – Originally we weren’t going to use one for various reasons, but when my son had to go to the NICU when he was born, he was given one so I just kept giving it to him, another thing that helped to keep us sane and Luci happy, and using a pacifier helps to lower the chance of SIDS which is obviously at the forefront of every mom’s or dad’s mind with an infant. We use these soothies (because I was and am terrified that the nipple part will break off of the other kinds)51R1HrO-IBL._AC_US160_.jpg
  6. Medela Sanitizing Bags– These are an absolute MUST HAVE!! you put your freshly washed, bottles, nipples, binkies, pump parts (if you pump like I do – will have another post with pumping necessities and tips!!) into the bag with some water, then microwave and the pieces are sterilized! Each bag has 20 uses, I wouldn’t have bought them if they were one use only! (haha)  Much easier and faster than boiling water! I do believe Target has their own sterilizing bags as well, I just have not been able to come across them yet.Unknown.jpeg
  7. Boppy –  I originally wanted one because I had every intention of breastfeeding unfortunately we weren’t able to do so (so I chose to pump instead) BUT the Boppy has still been a lifesaver!  It’s great to use to feed your baby a bottle, for tummy time, to prop them up to play next to you but also because it helps you take cool baby pictures!!! Put the Boppy under a nice blanket, prop baby  on Boppy and BAM professional-esque photos! The covers are also very easy to wash as well – which helps when there is spit up everywhere and diaper explosions on the daily.   Unknown-1.jpeg

This list obviously doesn’t incorporate the REAL necessities – LOVE, patience, a safe home, clothes, diapers, food, toys (I will have a post about this and teethers soon as well as a post on pumping!), bassinet, baby monitor (NOT Wi-Fi – those can be tapped into, pretty freaky stuff – Google it!!) and more hands because when couldnt you use more hands!

Anyways, thanks for reading! Hopefully this post helped you prepare a little bit more for your future peanut!

-Kylie 🙂


**Thanks to for the images 😉 Each image brings you to Amazon where you can purchase the product – no I am not getting money for saying this, just trying to be helpful!





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