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Survival Guide: Changing Table Necessities


While we were setting up our son’s nursery I had a ton of questions about what I would need handy at his changing table (and how would I survive these terrifying diaper blowouts everyone talks about)?!.  I mean obviously we needed to stock up on diapers and wipes (we’ll talk about that at a different time …) but what else would we need? Would we need all these different creams in the chance he would get diaper rash?? Or! did we need that fancy schmancy wipe warmer (don’t bother!!!)??! Since we had NO idea of course I turned to the internet…

The first step was to start with a changing table –  we chose to use a dresser with a changing pad on top (make sure you get a changing pad cover that can be wiped off and use one of those 100 baby blankets on top of the pad so when it does get dirty you don’t have to continually wash the changing pad cover…well unless your kid pees on it..which mine LOVES to do :|).  Using the dresser as a changing table made those diaper explosions much easier to handle because we just grabbed new onesies from the drawer (didn’t have to leave him to go to another dresser for clothes!!). Going with the dresser not only saved us from having to leave him to get onesies or jammies, socks, etc at night-time, but it also saved space in his room so once the changing pad comes off, voila! he has a dresser for when he’s potty trained and beyond (which won’t be for a million years because I am not ready for him to grow up yet!!!). Now let’s get to the good stuff!

  • A good organizer – I have the one below from the Honest Company, and I love it!! I received it for free in an Honest subscription box a few months before he was born and I am so grateful I did. However, I think these would be pretty easy to make and I probably should have done so but it was free – who can pass that up?! Since I love being organized I absolutely adore that there are different compartments to organize my diaper changing tools.  This is extremely helpful when its 3am, your baby poops out of their diaper, and you’re in a delirious poop trance scrambling to clean him without getting poop on the walls (can you tell I’ve been there? :|)



I was looking on Amazon for the link, and this exact one appears to be $90 on Amazon, which does not sound right.. (they better send someone to change those disastrous diapers too for that price)…There are a few others online that are extremely similar at much more reasonable prices, like this Munchkin one below – 91TXo3kVvfL._SX522_.jpg

  • Diaper Rash Cream – It goes without saying you should have this on hand and will probably receive 100 at your baby shower.  We use the Honest brand, I haven’t used anything else and I only use it IF he is showing signs, so really I can’t say it is better than any other brand.Unknown.jpeg
  • Baby Bum Brush LOL okay I won’t talk about how great this is anymore – just get one!
  • Lotion – Great for putting on after a bath and baby massages (which my little guy loves & mommy loves the time too)! We use Babyganics and the Shea Moisture baby brand.images-1.jpeg
  • Nose aspirator & Boogie Wipes – Aspirator – just use the bulb one from the hospital – especially when they’re little.  We have the Nose Frida which is pretty cool but it’s still a little too big for my guy’s nose and the one from the hospital works like a charm. The wipes are probably seem unnecessary but they have definitely helped a time or two with some dried boogies.  They have saline in them so they are soothing on his little nose and the saline allows for a much easier removal of some stuck on boogs.  They also smell like grape, which is so cool!! (I have used them once or twice….on myself too)Boogie-Wipes-Grape--pTRU1-8510677dt.jpg
  • Soothing Cleaning Spray – Yes you can just use a wet wash cloth but I have been loving Honest Bottom spray for making sure he’s really clean after one of those crazy diaper changes.  We also loved using it in the beginning of our diaper journey – helped remove those stickier poops the first week or so. I also love that there is aloe in it – so soothing on his gentle skin where sometimes he needs a little more than just water! And of course because it is Honest – there are no harsh chemicals! 69479e15-338f-466c-9642-20fa0fc792ee_1.99933ae8183b44fa5e8728768286a0b3.jpeg
  • Nail Clippers – The best place for me to clip his nails while he is awake is on his changing table – this will probably change as he gets more squirmy but for now it works! I LOVE the clippers below – there is a little window so you can see what you’re cutting and a slanted edge (shown below) to make snipping his razor-sharp nails a little bit safer and easier…for the both of us! These have made the nail cutting process less scary.Unknown-2.jpegUnknown-3.jpeg
  • Healing Balm – I Honestly 😉 LOOOOVE this balm! Any irritation from the elastic of his diaper, redness, small bumps, etc that I just would rather not load diaper rash cream all over, I use this for!  The irritation is gone within a few hours!! Sometimes he gets little dry patches on the back of his legs and this works perfectly to lessen that. I have also heard it works wonders for eczema.Unknown-1.jpeg
  • A soft brush – I have found that I usually only brush his hair here – but you may prefer elsewhere! 🙂
  • Hand Sanitizer – You know why……
  • Diaper Genie – I thought these were dumb but I ended up really loving ours.  It keeps smells away, it’s very easy to use, and it is sleek enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of space.  But my husband and I prefer Target’s Up & Up refills – we feel they are sturdier than the Diaper Genie brand (& cheaper)! We got ours on sale at Target months before our son was even born.images.jpeg
  • If you have a boy and he is circumcised –  make sure you have some gauze as well as jelly.  We used Vaseline because that is what our Dr. recommended. (P.S.You will run out of the gauze and the jelly the hospital gives you! And when you think it’s healed it is not…give it another day or two!)

I know many do, but I don’t keep his first aid kit here, so that is why I didnt include those items.  I will have a post on the kit later, I struggled figuring out what I would need for this as well!  I also don’t keep wash cloths, q-tips, cotton balls, binkies, etc. in this area.  And to be completely honest, I always saw q-tips and cotton balls on these lists and I have never once used either of them. I just use a wet wash cloth or a wipe to clean his face.

Thanks for reading! Good luck! :p

-Kylie 🙂

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