My Favorite Hair Mask

When I got pregnant I knew a lot of things would change for the next nine months and beyond.  I knew my body would completely change and I, myself would change too.  Before I was pregnant I took much better care of myself – I did my makeup, my hair, took time to put outfits together, etc etc.  But when I got pregnant everything changed.  Then when I had my son things stayed changed and changed further.  I started to hate what I saw in the mirror – let me get this out-of-the-way first – I LOVE that I am a mom and LOVE my son, I have honestly never been more proud of myself and more happy with my life.  But I was starting to hate my appearance.  So I decided things needed to change – I needed to be happy with myself, not for me but for Luciano.  So one of the reasons why I started this blog was to force myself to do things I love again – healthy eating, writing, makeup, just taking better care of myself for my  the one thing I have learned lately is that when I am happier I am more present and positive for my family.

One of the things that took a hit pre and post pregnancy has been my hair.  I figured I would get more greys (more than I already had, I was lucky to get them very early – about 17) and I had read a million times that I would have some hair loss post partum (try a ton 😦 ). But I had no idea my hair would change dramatically!  My hair became frizzy, dry, and honestly unmanageable.  I hated that everyday I had to wear it in a bun which now was my go to style whenever I left the house was.  Pre-pregnancy I loved to do my hair when I went out with my husband or family, now I didn’t want to even look at it.  I used to enjoy trying new products, new tools, get highlights, etc.  However, when I got pregnant I became too tired to do much to it and was very selective and cautious about what chemicals I used on my hair.  But now that I am not pregnant (and won’t be for a few years!) I decided to throw some of my previously loved activities back into the mix – (with caution because I still am an exclusive pumper).

Recently, I purchased a deep conditioner for my hair in hopes that it would miraculously change my hair.  I want to wait a little longer to treat myself to a trip to the salon (and I am a little embarrassed by the state of my hair), so I had to figure out what I could do from the privacy of my own home.  For Christmas I received a few Ulta gift cards and decided to do some research and buy a few things which would maybe help my hair.  Well I found one after poking around on the website and I’d love to share with you guys what it is!

EVA NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask


Ulta for $14.99 -For the amount that you get – I think the price is amazing! Some hair masks from Ulta/Sephora can get pretty expensive, let alone what a trip to the salon would cost!

Okay where do I begin?! The packaging is adorable – yes I am a sucker for packaging!  It is a little bulky to keep in the shower but I just keep mine under the sink and take it out when I am going to use it.  The scent is amazing! Very clean and the scent stays with you but not in that musty way but in a clean girly way!  The texture is also great, it is light and easy to saturate your hair with product without having to use too much.  After keeping it in your hair for 5 minutes in the shower – or out if you rather condition your hair while getting other things done, you rinse it out! Very easy to rinse out too! I have had my fair share of hair masks that left my hair sticky and weighed down solely because I was never able to get the mask completely out.  I rarely blow dry my hair and after using this mask I don’t have to! My hair has been very dry and frizzy on some parts and oily on others if I don’t blow dry it after I wash it.  However, after using this product my hair is smooth and manageable.  It has life to it, and now I actually enjoy touching it, it is sooo soft!  And even more so I like styling it, there’s less knots and it isn’t a disaster.  Seriously, I couldn’t be more in love with this product.  And another plus is that there are no parabens or phosphates!  I have found my holy grail hair mask and will certainly be repurchasing again and again.  I don’t know where my hair would be if I hadn’t found this product when I did, it has definitely made me feel more me.  Hopefully this post has been helpful if you’ve been looking for a new hair mask or a new little something to make you feel good!


Thanks for reading!

-Kylie 🙂


*image will take you to Ulta

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