Simple DIY Sunflower Card

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE to create things – gifts, decor, FOOD.  I love constructing things and seeing/tasting the final project.  I also LOVE making things for others and being able to say “I made that for you!” Not only do I feel proud of myself but I also love seeing others happy when they receive something I made!  However, as a new mom I don’t have that much extra time anymore (he hates naps :/ ) so now when I take on a project I look for easy ways to tackle it, while still making something I am proud of.

So, here is a little quick and easy idea you can use to make your very own birthday card, quick thank you note, note to a teacher, etc etc!  My mother-in-law’s birthday was a few weeks ago and I just had to make her a card.  Yeah would it have been easier to buy one? (especially with a 5 month old!) Of course! But sometimes finding the perfect card is difficult! And the ones we love deserve the best (and a little extra effort!)  I wanted to go with something that she loves and she LOVES sunflowers, even has sunflower decor throughout her home (one year I even made a sunflower rug for her!) So, keep reading for a quick and easy DIY card!

Let’s get started! Here are some things you will need:

  • Glue stick
  • scissors
  • Pencil
  • Black pen (I love Micron pens!!!)
  • Plain card – any color, you could use cardstock as well – I bought a bunch of these cards in different colors at Michael’s a little before Christmas
  • White paper
  • Yellow, Brown, and Orange paper
  • Template for petals – I only ended up using the larger petal, had I used a bigger cad I would have used both.
  • If you have iffy handwriting like I do – print out the saying you’re going to have on the front – use a super cool font too!! So many fonts can be downloaded for free!!!


First, I cut a brown circle and decided where I would place it on my card, I thought putting it in the corner would give me to most room to work with, but you could make the circle smaller and put the flower in the center! I traced the circle, so I would know where to place the petals.img_1707

Then I made the stencils using the white paper for my petals! I made a large and small one but like I said – I only ended up using the larger one.  img_1708 After I made the stencils I cut 6 yellow petals out and staggered them around the circle I traced. I also pinched the tips of the petals to make them 3D! (Thought that was a cute touch! 😉 )img_1710

After I positioned them to my liking I used a glue stick and glued them down! Then I took my brown circle and made dots to resemble a sunflower, using the Mircon pen.

img_1712 See how easy this is!!! I then glued this piece onto my petals and folded and glued down the pieces that were off the card – looked better than cutting the extra off!

img_1714 You’re almost done!  So, after that I took the words I had printed and made sure they were cut perfectly and glued them onto orange paper and cut them out (she loves fall colors so I thought orange would be perfect!)

img_1717 Lastly, I took these fancy dots I had lying around from scrapbooking and used these to place the words on the card.  I didn’t add these above because they are not necessary, I just wanted to make the words stick out! img_1718

After that, I wrote in the inside and I was done!  img_1732

See, it doesn’t have to take much time, effort, or even skill to make something homemade and extra special for someone you love!

Enjoy crafting!

-Kylie 🙂

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