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January 2017 Bluum Box


Okay here’s the thing….I love subscription boxes – they are so much fun! I have received many over the years – food, makeup, clothes, puppies, now baby stuff!  A few months before I had Luciano, I wanted to find a subscription box for him (but mainly me because I love surprises :p ) and I came across the Bluum box.  There was an awesome promotion at the time, so I figured why not! The past 6 months we have received some useful and fun items.  Here is what we received in January’s box –

“One, Two Three … Crawl!” by Carol Thompson – Honestly, who doesn’t love to get books (especially adorable ones)! I love books and reading and I hope one day Luci will too! (he better I read to him a million times a day) ($4.99 on Amazon)


Soy Socks from Babysoy – It is always great to have more socks lying around (somehow we are losing them…) These are super soft, awesome quality, and stay on my little guy’s feet, which is a battle.  They also seem to be very warm which is great because baby feet can get so cold! And c’mon they’re made of soy which is pretty cool! ($4.00 on Bluum, $9.99 on Amazon, Babysoy makes onesies and jammies as well!)


Nature’s Baby Organics Diaper Ointment– I love that this is free of any harsh chemicals!! I haven’t used it on my little guy yet but I am super curious! It has a nice texture and isn’t too sticky. ($10.43 on Amazon – weird price I know…)


Silibib – OKAY I love this bib! I absolutely love that it is silicone and dishwasher safe! Luciano will be eating real food soon and I love that there is a scoop to catch food pieces but it doesn’t have to be used, it can flip around and just lay flat.  The bib won’t absorb anything but it will definitely keep baby clean (besides the mess they will make everywhere else…) I also love that there are snaps on the side versus velcro in the back.  I learned that the velcro fastener in the back puts little scratches on the back of his neck! 😦  ($11.95 on Amazon – does in other colors as well!)xsilikids_silibib__silicone_baby_bib__fresh_bluum.jpg.pagespeed.ic.4Qi_fhVG-D.jpgUlubulu Boogie Buster – The first thing I thought when I saw this was that this is literally the Nose Frida… But upon further investigation this seems to be a little different.  The tip seems a little smaller than the Nose Frida and need to be replaced in addition to the filters (similar in price though so this wouldn’t be any more expensive to keep up!).  But it does the job and it’ll be good to keep in his diaper bag.  ($5.65 as an add-on item on Amazon, $12.99 on Bluum)


Pictures will take you to Amazon, but products can be purchased on Bluum’s website!

Here is a link if you want to subscribe –  (I would get points if you subscribe for three months) if you don’t then keep following along I will be posting these monthly and you can live vicariously through our unboxing (much like I do with other bloggers/YouTubers haha).  I think it’s a pretty good deal, this January’s box was worth about $44.00! (if I purchased everything on Amazon instead)

and it is fun to recieve some goodies in the mail every month! Right now it is 30% off subscriptions – we paid about $250 for 12 months with 20% off.


Thanks for reading!


-Kylie 🙂

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