January 2017 Ipsy Bag!


As you can tell from my last post – I love subscription boxes/bags.  A few years before my husband and I bought our house, when I was still living with my family, I used to get a ton of subscription boxes.  The majority of them were makeup related, which of course I love!  But when we moved into our house, I stopped subscribing to save money, but I saved one – the Ipsy bag! Fast forward a bit and then I got pregnant and unfortunately wasn’t using the items that were coming, so I cancelled my subscription.  Until now! I really missed getting a few makeup items a month to try out but I also really wanted a little something to look forward to that was my own (that wasn’t that expensive), so I signed up again and just received my first bag.

Every month you receive 5 makeup/beauty related items.  I have received skin care, makeup, makeup brushes, nail polish, etc.  In addition to the samples you also get an adorable cosmetic bag/wristlet (perfect to organize little items in the diaper bag – maybe even some of the samples you receive!).  In the beginning of Ipsy – when it was still called the “Glam Bag” the bags were just OK but they have really improved the quality. The size of the samples are extremely generous and sometimes you may even get surprised with something that is full size, which is awesome!  I am so happy I signed up again, receiving this bag has definitely reminded me of who I was before I became a mom, and the things I enjoyed.

Here is my review! This is the bag I received this month, super fun, a decent size, and nice quality.


Pretty Woman Nail Polish in I’m Not a Ballerina – When I saw that this polish was free of all harsh chemicals I immediately fell in love!  When I was pregnant I tried my best to alter my beauty routine – this included removing nail polishes that weren’t free of harsh chemicals.  So now when I do purchase a new polish I make sure it is pretty clean.  Am I really convinced that polishes can harm the baby? No but I never wanted to take the chance.  This polish color is not only adorable but it also has been able to withstand the many bottle washes and sanitizing sessions as well as cooking, taking care of my pups, etc.  Normally my polish chips within the same day but I will say this polish has done its job in the three-four days I have had it on, with only one or two LITTLE chips in the corners. (Picture on Ipsy is different shade than the one I recieved, the color I have is on my nails in the picture below)




Pacifica Blush in Wildrose – I love Pacifica products because they are free of harsh chemicals and the products are easy to find in stores.  But sometimes I have a hard time getting a good color payoff with their blushes and shadows.  This blush is very pretty – maybe a tad too shimmery for me but such a pretty color! I actually may use it as a shadow.  *use code Pacifica2017 at for 20% off your next Pacifica purchase until 3/1!


Trust Fund Beauty Lip Gloss in Method to the Madness – This gloss is beautiful!!! I am not a huge fan of glosses but its such a nice color I will definitely be using it at some point.  It goes on very smooth and is not sticky by all means.  I will say it smells a little funny but it is not noticeable unless you sniff it (like I did…).  The color actually reminds me of a gloss I had from Butter that I loved (only gloss I’ve ever really liked).


Smashbox BB Cream – I am not a huge fan of BB creams but I do think they’re great to throw on when you want just a little something on your face especially something with SPF in it.  So I will use it at some point like I have in the past (I have received samples of this before) but I just don’t LOVE BB creams. Now if I received a sample of the smashbox primer – that is a different story! Their green redness correcting primer is AMAZING!!!!


Global Beauty Care Dead Sea Wash Off Mask – I love masks, especially mud based masks (I sometimes have super oily skin) so I was very excited to see this in my Ipsy.  I have never heard of the brand before so of course I was a little speculative but after reading some Amazon reviews and only coming across one negative one –  I was ready to try!  This mask was so smooth putting on and had the nicest scent.  I also loved that the pouch had more than one use and the screw cap made it easy to store and re-use.  After leaving the mask on for about 15 minutes I took it off and my face felt soooo smooth!!! It didnt leave my skin with that tight feeling and it wasnt overly cooling/tingling.  Looking forward to using it again!



All pictures from Ipsy’s website. Here is the link if you want to sign up!


Thanks for reading!


-Kylie 🙂

2 thoughts on “January 2017 Ipsy Bag!”

  1. Kylie, GREAT REVIEW! and I love that you include links to let your followers know where they can benefit from savings on the products you highlight!!


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