DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath


Hi everyone!! With Valentine’s Day (rapidly) approaching, I wanted to share some of my favorite crafts with you, one of them being this wreath I made for my front door!  I love having a wreath on my door, I think a door with a wreath looks inviting and is a perfect way to show off one’s style – especially in the winter months when the whole yard is filled with snow (ew!).  When we moved in our front door was maroon and I hated like everything else I had to change it.  I knew I wanted a black door – so we painted it and installed matching shutters and I loooove it! One of the perks of having a black door is that any wreath I buy or make really pops on the black.  So I decided to make a fun colorful wreath for Valentine’s Day and share it with all of you! With a 6 month old (ugh he’s getting so old) who hates sleeping it’s hard to spend a lot of time on crafts but luckily this one only took about 3-4 hours total (obviously I didn’t make this in one sitting..) and was not expensive!


For this wreath I needed:

  • A styrofoam wreath
  • White, Red, Pink yarn
  • Scissors
  • Red Ribbon – any Valentine’s-esque ribbon would work though
  • Pink and red felt
  • Heavy-duty glue – do not use a glue gun because it will melt in the sun (…yes I know from too much experience with this happening over and over again….) and have a window open if you use this specific glue!!
  • Thumbtacks – these are not completely necessary but they helped to make the process move a little faster and these will not stay on the wreath when finished
  1. First, I cut a long piece of white yarn (you can start with whatever color you’d like there is no rhyme or reason as to why I started with white..I just did!) and wrapped it around the wreath.  I held the beginning and end down with thumbtacks. Continue to do so with the other colors.img_2151
  2. When you are wrapping your colors make sure that they are approximately the same width on your wreath.  I did have a longer section of one color as you will see later.  Also, it will be very helpful later if you alternate which direction you start and end a color on – as shown in the image below.  I didn’t do this until halfway through and it was very difficult to tie the strings together at the end for the sections I didn’t alternate.  You’ll know what I am talking about soon!  In the bottom picture you can see that with alternating the direction of the yarn (where one color ends and the next begins), when you finish wrapping the yarn and take the tacks out, you can tie the colors to each other. pink to white, white to pink, pink to red and so forth.img_2156
  3. After I finished wrapping my yarn using my selected pattern, I took the tacks out and tied each color together as I *attempted* to explain above!img_2169  This is what mine looked like after I wrapped it –  on the left I made the red a little wider (completely by accident! so be vigilant to your widths but it worked out fine! 🙂 )img_2168
  4. Then I made a bow on the longer section of yarn. (So it did work out 😉 ) img_2171
  5. I cut hearts out of the felt just free-hand nothing special – easy peasy lemon squeezy. img_2173
  6. Then I placed them how I wanted (ended up switching them around after I took this picture) and glued! img_2172
  7. I used the same ribbon to hang on my door and that was that!  The most time-consuming part was wrapping the yarn but besides that it was very simple, not expensive, and adds a cute touch to my front door!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post and use your e-mail to sign up to follow my posts so you never miss one! Be on the lookout for more Valentine’s Day crafts!

-Kylie 🙂

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