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Favorite Toys for Babies 0-5 Months Old

document2I thought since my little guy is (already?!) 6 months old it was time to share some of our favorite toys that we have been playing with for the past six months (while everything is still fresh in my mind LOL). I am so grateful and love (most of the time…) that I am able to spend my days with Luciano.  With all this time we spend together, we play A LOT! Having not only a background in psychology but also in education, I always try to incorporate developmental milestones in our play.  I love sensory play (I’ll have a post on just this at some point!), love reading to him, and I LOVE watching him explore his surroundings, as I am sure all parents do!  I am so so blessed and proud that he has always met all of his milestones (not that I’d be any less proud if he hadn’t) and appears at this point to be advanced in a few areas (I like to think I had something to do with it!), depending on what literature you’re looking at because of course it is always changing!

So let’s get to the toys Luci (& mom) has been loving! (This list will not include teethers – I will have a post on just teething soon! & if interested may write a post on physical movements/ baby workouts I did with him through the first 6 months!)  As always all images will take you to Amazon or Target in case you want to purchase or look into something further! 🙂

  1. Babyganics Toy Wipes – I can’t talk about toys without mentioning these wipes.  These wipes are perfect to wipe off a brand new toy before giving it to your babe.  You will have toys that just shouldn’t be washed but your baby will put in their mouth, so you wonder how you’ll clean it – these wipes are perfect for those toys!  I am a nervous wreck when it comes to germies and always try to protect Luci from anything yucky (obviously within reason I am not that crazy..I guess). 81aszgkzl0l-_sx425_
  2. Links– These links are awesome! I love how colorful they are – colors stimulate creativity and grab baby’s attention.  I also think they can help to begin to distinguish between different shades.  We used them to hang toys off of under his play gym as well as link together for him to hold (and have them swing at your least it wasn’t his own).  It may sound silly but, I have shown him he can bang two together to make noise as he has gotten older – they have so many uses honestly.The size of the links are perfect for their little hands to learn to grasp and hold onto. The ones below (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) have different textures on each, this is great for sensory development and learning different textures which I love! I used these a lot not only to teach him how to hold onto things himself but how to grab things from me (I think around 3-4 months, he realized what he was doing…maybe). Later on, these are also great for teething because they do have the different textures and each one is perfect to hold onto and gnaw on.  The Bright Start set under the caterpillar ones are awesome too! (we don’t have these ones BUT they look awesome too, hope this helps!)  91hleytqr-l-_sx425_81i4czfw78l-_sx425_
  3. Play Gym– This is the mat we have! I know there are so many awesome mats like this one.  I love the ones that are colorful but I also love the ones that are very simple and are less overwhelming for baby.  Around about 3 months babies are batting at toys.  Luci was a little late to this game and that is okay because once he started he would pull and take the gym down with it….. These mats are great for tummy time as well as playing on their backs.  I loved that I could link all different toys all over and that I could change the linked toys everyday. 81nek9kggcl-_sx425_
  4. Rattles/Bells – I was so happy when I was gifted these at my baby shower at work.  The bells and rattles helped to teach Luciano to move his head towards sounds.  I would ring the bell on the side he wasn’t looking and he learned to move his head towards the sound.  This helped to build and strengthen his neck muscles both during tummy time as well as on his back.  Around a month babies begin to respond to sound so sometimes when he was fussy I would ring the bell or rattle and he would pause as to show he heard the sound, pretty amazing watching these things happen for the first time! Around 1.5 months I would put the smallest rattle in his hand to strengthen his arm muscles as well as show him he ca make noise (even if he had no idea what he was doing… Luci’s mom is just crazy :p ) 71g4yh3lc6l-_sl1451_
  5. Fisher Price BeatBo – Not only is this toy adorable but I really enjoyed having this for Luci.  He still loves it now and will continue to as time goes on and he can interact with it more.  We have been using it since around 4 months!  When he is fussy he immediately calms down when he watches BeatBo dance and sing. I also believe this toy helped Luci learn to follow movement with his eyes. He loves the colors and I love that I can start teaching him colors and the alphabet at such a young age (although if you know me you know I’ve been singing him the alphabet and teaching him CVC words since he was in the womb..)  I love toys that incorporate dance and music and BeatBo is the best of both worlds! He loves bouncing up and down with BeatBo!61bnbfducsl-_sl1194_
  6. Hide and Seek Hermie – At around 2 months baby should begin to follow/ track objects, so to encourage this we used this toy. As he got older it helped with object permanence and by about 4.5 months he was pulling it himself and watching the hermit crab go in and out of it’s shell.  We call him Hermie (I hope other parents do this too and me and my husband are not just crazy 😐 ) and this toy is so adorable and bright!! 71enspbddal-_sl1500_
  7. Foot Rattles – These help babies start to connect that they’re making the sound themselves and kicking helps build their little leg muscles!  Luci loves these! Also great for hand eye coordination – eventually they will always be taking them off!!! 81tllfqipdl-_sx425_
  8. Mirror – Babies LOVE to look in mirrors.  Luci seriously is obsessed with watching himself – he smiles, laughs, and even gives himself what we call “the eyebrows”. Not only is it adorable but mirrors also help babies to focus as well as promote emotional and social development. Theres some bizarre myths about babies and mirrors but (surprisingly because I am very gullible/superstitious) I don’t buy them!  For us mirrors have saved tummy time meltdowns and many fussy periods!
  9. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes and Singing Octoplush  – Both of these were also great to have around for music.  He loves listening and playing with both.  Learning rhythm helps to facilitate language development as well as promotes auditory development.  Both are bright with contrasting colors.  The take along tunes is easy for baby to hold and even has fun beads to play with on the handle!  The octopus is awesome because not only does it play music BUT the tentacles each have a color button!!!91e90pxo7l-_sx425_41szcbn2t5l-_sx425_

We are so blessed to have a ton of amazing toys (he is the first grandchild on both sides) these are just some of the ones I feel have really helped developmentally and Luci was very interested in! If you have any toys you loved for your little one at this age, please add to the comments!

As always, thank you so much for reading! I hope this post has been helpful for you!

-Kylie 🙂

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