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February 2017 Bluum Box


Hi everyone! I wanted to catch up with my Bluum box uploads before I posted any new content, so here it goes!!

  •   Brilli Baby Cup Catcher – This product is so innovative! As a first time mom I have never seen anything like this and am so excited to try this out.  I think this will be perfect to use when Luci is drinking from a sippy and we go for walks or to the store.  It will save time and back pain (lol) from not having to constantly bend over to pick up his cup.  I also think this would be great to use to hold a toy to his stroller or carseat.  The difficult thing is it would have to be a toy that can link to the silicone (easy to clean) catcher.   Looking forward to using this soon! Here is a set of four (for an awesome deal) from Amazon – perfect to have one for the carseat and the stroller!


  • Ulubulu Ear Twistie – When I first saw this I was eye really i can use a q-tip or cotton swab to clean his outer ear canal.  But I have it so I have been using it and I actually have been liking it (weird I know)!!  It’s basically a chapstick of cotton…you use the tip of cotton then pull off or cut off the dirty part.  I have been using this to dry/ clean his ears out after a bath, where before I was just using a towel.    Would I repurchase? I am not sure but I have been liking how much gentler this is. Product not available on Amazon – but can be purchased in the Bluum shop if you join.


  • Kidsme Twist and Learn Rattle – I love when we (I also love how I say we lol) get toys in these boxes.  Luciano definitely has enough BUT it is always fun to watch him get a new toy and discover what he can do with it.  This toy is great for that! It has textures all around so he can gnaw on it (like he does with everything else..) and it twists all over which promotes gross motor skills. The toy is also easy for little hands to grasp which is great because when he loses grip he can practice picking it up himself!  Never leave child unattended with this rattle though not that you should with any toy but I am concerned there is a way this could break and he could choke on the beads.  Probably unlikely BUT I will be watching!


  • Primo Just Right Bath Water Level – This is such an interesting concept.  This product fits into your tub drain and prevents the water from getting too high.  It adjusts to 2″ or 4″ depending on your baby’s age and your discretion.  Obviously this is not a product intended for you to leave your baby alone as it is NEVER safe to leave child unattended in the bath.  Honestly, Luci is still in his baby tub, inside of our tub, fully sitting up and I always have one hand on him at all times.  But when he becomes too big for his baby tub (which unfortunately will be very soon) I will be using this product and I can’t wait!!!!

If you’re interested in receiving some innovative products you wouldn’t normally buy for your child – Bluum box is the way to go!!

As always thank you soooo much for reading! Hopefully you find some of these products useful in your life!

-Kylie 🙂

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