March 2017 Bluum Box


Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well! I have a really cool post coming up this weekend that I am looking forward to.  But for now I wanted to share what came in my March Bluum box!

  • Susan Brown’s Baby Naturals Diaper Therapy Cream – Diaper rash creams are always awesome to receive – if you use them a lot and especially if they’re natural. We are very lucky Luci rarely has diaper rash or irritation so we don’t go through them like I am sure others do.  Even though we haven’t used it yet, I have read awesome reviews on this product. Reviews say it may be a little pricey but it helps to remove the rash overnight.  So I am glad we now have this around!


  • Manhattan Toy Puppy Playtime Bagel Hound – How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! and soft oh my goodness! What a cute stuffed animal! Luci is not so sure of stuffed animals yet and has a hard time figuring out why this dog doesn’t lick him like his own dogs haha! Kind of wished we received something more useful BUT if your baby loves stuffed animals I am sure this would have been awesome and who knows in a few months this dog could be his favorite!!! 🙂 


  • Dreambaby Bath Spout Cover – Spout covers are an awesome invention.  I can’t imagine how terrible it would be if Luci hit his head on the faucet in the future (now he bathes in a laundry basket in the middle of the tub LOL), so I am glad to have this because I probably wouldn’t have thought of this myself.  We received a different spout cover months ago that I will be using instead because it is not a blow up.  I rather not depend on a blow up one for everyday use.  So this one is going to my mom’s in case I need to bathe him there or Nonna does.  I will link the one we have instead –
  • Dreambaby Baby View Mirror –  Okay I think this product has good intentions but I am not a huge fan of having anything on the windshield.  Right now Luci is rear facing so we have to look into this mirror to see into his mirror that is facing him.  I can see it working better for children who are forward facing but even then I rather have one that attaches to the visor instead of right onto the windshield.  I am linking one that does attach to the visor in case you’d like to look into one of those instead I rather not recommend something I am not a fan of.



Again, thanks for reading!!! Looking forward to tax season being over (finally having Ant back home!) and having more time to share some awesome content with all of you!!!


-Kylie 🙂

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