Favorite Teething Toys

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share that Luciano’s two bottom teeth are in!!! He has been teething (we think?) for months! So I wanted to share some of the teethers/remedies I have been using to alleviate some of Luci’s pain in hopes that you will get some ideas to help your little one.

Baby Banana– This is Luci’s favorite toy/teether.  He absolutely loves this banana so miuch that it has to come with us wherever we go.  It really helps massage and soothe his gums and the handles make it so easy for him to be able to hold!  It is also has bristles that are perfect to start practicing brushing.  I love showing him how to brush his teeth with this toy, mainly because he thinks it is hilarious!  The banana is dishwasher and freezer safe, so not only can it be easily cleaned/sterilized but you can also chill it to help soothe your baby’s gums even more.  The only downside is it collects lint and little fuzzies pretty easily.  You can find it on Amazon for $6 as an add-on and also comes in pink and blue – we have the standard banana yellow!


Sophie the Giraffe – Okay this teether is totally worth the money and the hype.  I know there are similar teethers for less money that I am sure are just as amazing because Sophie’s price is a little ridiculous, we just have not tried them so I cant reccomend anyat this time or I would! He loves Sophie and I am so happy we took the plunge and bought him one for Christmas.  When Sophie comes out he lights up, smiles at her, and cant get to her fast enough.  He loves gnawing on her as well as making her squeek (which makes our dogs lose thier minds LOL)! The directions say to not put the toy under running water to eliminate water getting into the hole and creating mold, so just clean her with a wipe – we have had no problems with cleaning Sophie this way.  Here is the link to Sophie that also comes with a smaller teether!


Cold Wash Cloths/Burp Cloths/Blankets – Luci loves to suck on fabrics and chilling them I really think has helped to soothe his gums.  I always make sure they are fabrics that have been washed in his detergent just in case! These are the cheapest option 😉

Razbaby – This teether is adorable!  I thought Luci would use it kind of like a binky but instead he just chews on it, which is probably the intent of the teether…lol The bumpy texture is perfect for teething gums and the handle is perfect for little hands to hold on to.  This can also be put in the freezer!


Teething Rings – We didn’t use these as much as the other teethers listed however these have definitely calmed down a fussy Luci when other options either weren’t at the ready or needed to be cleaned.  The texture as well as the chill soothes teething gums.  I am a little iffy on these as I always worry they will be punctured or leak, so now that he has teeth I most likely won’t be using them much but I thought they were worth a mention if you are interested!


Links – I have to mention these again as I also feel these have helped to soothe his gums.  He loves chewing these!!! The links are a great option for babies who are teething or just loooove to chew things!!


I hope this list gives you some ideas as to what you can give your baby to help soothe their little gums!  We never used any gels, tylenol, amber necklaces, etc. but I am sure all of those options have worked for others! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

– Kylie 🙂

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