Favorite Makeup Brush Cleaning Tools!

Okay so who else hates washing their makeup brushes? I know I can’t be the only one!! So of course I look for things that make the process a little less daunting.  We all know we are supposed to wash them at least once a month, I have even heard to wash them once a week, but does that mean any of us actually follow that rule? Nope and if you do please come wash mine seriously…. Not washing your brushes can unfortunately lead to bacteria buildup which can lead to…..yup, blemishes. Honestly, just air can trigger my skin into a full-blown episode of Game of Thrones, so I do try to wash my brushes at least once a month. (I only wear makeup a few times week now that I am home with Luci) But if I do someone’s makeup then I will wash them before and after. So, in honor of me recently washing my brushes (LOL) I wanted to compile a list of products I have used and some that look awesome that may help you not put off washing your brushes…for that long at least 😉

Brush Cleaning Mat – A few years ago the brush company Sigma (awesome brushes BTW) came out with a mat similar to the one below for a lot more than I could bring myself to buy to only use once a month, so luckily companies began making cheaper options like this one!  The mat adds texture which helps to quickly and more efficiently remove residue from your brushes. If you have a decent amount of brushes I definitely recommend this mat!



However, if you dont have a lot of brushes this option is great! I have been loving the brush egg lately for when I only need to clean a few brushes at a time and don’t mind holding it (plus it was pretty cheap and adorable).

Soaps – In order to get your brushes cleaned properly it is important to use a soap that removes oil.  Some brush shampoos will clean eyeshadow and blush off perfectly but not foundation or concealers.  When I clean my stubborn, oily, foundation brushes I use blue Dawn dish soap as well as J&J’s Baby Shampoo and have not yet found anything that works better.  If you don’t feel comfortable using dish soap or baby shampoo on your brushes, Philosophy’s Purity (my FAVORITE face wash!) also works well to wash and condition brushes without leaving a residue I have found with other brush cleaners.

Another favorite of mine that I only use with my Beauty Blenders is the beauty blender cleanser, it works well to clean out the sponge thoroughly which can be difficult and the cleanser is hands-free so you can just take your sponge and pump the top.  I am sure beauty blenders can be cleaned with other soaps, however I used Dawn once and it left a residue so I am a little hesitant to try other soaps on any makeup sponge.


A lot of YouTube Gurus use the beauty blender solid cleanser and rave about it so I will link it here in case you want to check it out (it also has great reviews on Amazon!) – personally I have not used the solid one yet!

Drying Rack– This is not completely necessary but pretty cool and great to have to make sure your brushes stay upside down.  I unfortunately have learned the hard way that placing a damp brush upright = loose glue and a ruined brush 😦 This stand can also be used to hold your brushes when they are done drying!


I hope some of my favorites become some of your favorites and if you have any holy grail makeup brush cleaning tools, tips, and/or tricks please let me know! I’m always on the hunt for new tips 🙂

As always, thank you for reading!

– Kylie 🙂



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