Sensory Baby Play Ideas 0-6 Months Old

Hey everyone! I wanted to start a new series of posts sharing some of the activities Luci and I have been enjoying the past nine months.  I really love finding fun things to do with him that don’t involve “toys” and I am sure many of you do as well, so I will be sharing in hopes to give other moms and dads ideas! If you have any, which I am sure many of you do – please share!! These are some of the activities we did with Luci around 0-3 months, many we still do!

Mirror Play I mentioned this before in my Favorite Toys post but I have to mention it again here!  Mirrors are great for developing self-awareness and babies love them! At least Luci does!  When Luci was first introduced to the mirror (0-3 months old) he would just stare and slowly begin to smile at himself.  We still play in the mirror now, but I’ll discuss this in a later post!

Excercise Ball –  I loved putting Luci on his tummy on top of the ball (with extreme caution and started this around 2 months old) – not only did it help him to better his head control but it strengthen his balance from a different perspective, which is great for their senses.  I would also tap the ball so he could hear the sound it makes as well as use his hand to tap it.

Bells, Rattles, Etc. – Not only were these great to help him turn toward sounds but I also used to put them in his hands, shake them, and praise him if he shook them himself.  He loves playing with bells and rattles now!

Music – We love to listen to music and dance around now, but when Luciano was younger we mainly listened to music during tummy time, play time, diaper changes, etc.  This is some of the music Luci loves and I am sure your baby will too –

Rockabye Baby – KISS Toddler Favorites (Not the exact one we own) – We also have a great CD from Lakeshore Learning (of course) with the seasons, months, etc! Never too early in my book!

Texture Play – I used to roll different textured items (blankets, toys, bubble wrap, tissue paper) on his arms and legs beginning around 2 months up until about 4 months! Now he just touches things I give to him himself. He loved to play with tissue paper and loved the sounds it made! It is great to see them feel different textures, temperatures (loves touching my iced coffees!), etc.  These are the Sensory Balls we have been using lately (You’ll see this in a later post too! We love them!)

Painting  Around this age Luci started to put everything in his mouth so I was a little hesitant to introduce painting to him even if we were using non-toxic paints.  So I would prop him on his boppy for tummy time and put paper and paint in a ziplock, tape it to the ground using painters tape and let him move the paint around with his hands!  This is great for hand eye coordination as well as self-awareness.  Here is Luci using his feet to make a birthday card for his dad!!IMG_0657

Metal Pan – You know those metal pans people use to put food in that you can get pretty cheap?  Well these are awesome for sensory play! We would put orbeez in them (I didn’t have a picture of the orbeez in the pan but i used the pan like I used the bowl in the picture below!!) and have him stand and kick around, we would also have him lay on his back and hold the pan over his feet and he would kick and kick! These pans make such a cool noise and are shiny so they really attract baby’s attention.IMG_1004

Luci kicking tissue paper in the pan -he loved this!!!


And if you’re interested heres the link to order some orbeez (so much fun)!

Object Permanence – Jean Piaget believed that children around 8 or 9 months  develop awareness that objects still exist even though one cannot see them. Before they reach this stage, items they can not see do not exist.  So closer to 5-6 months I would hide toys in cups where he could see me putting them in the cups and see the toys but only at certain angles.  I truly think this helped him to develop object permanence closer to 6-7 months instead of 8-9.  Now we can’t get anything past him!

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes – We still sing this song all the time! When changing baby’s diaper touch different body parts and make noises or say “leg” “arm” etc, baby may begin watching your hand expecting your touch!

Thanks for reading!! We will be back soon with more sensory activities for months 6-12!

– Kylie 🙂


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