4 Moms Tub Review


Hi everyone! Any parent can relate to that bittersweet moment when you have to put away an old toy, clothes that don’t fit, a car seat, etc. I love watching him grow BUT it is so hard! Recently, Luci grew out of his infant tub, so we unfortunately had to put it away for now! I figured it would be the perfect time to write a quick review in hopes that it may help a mom-to-be who may be eyeing this tub!

We had no idea what kind of tub we needed or if we even needed one.  I had a million questions (yes just for a tub…) where would we bathe him, when, what would we use, how did we know if the water was too hot, should we use the kitchen sink, etc. So, I wanted to find a tub that would help take care of some of our concerns.  I researched and researched until I found one that looked like it would do the job – plus it had pretty great reviews!  So we put the 4 Moms Infant Tub on our registry and were lucky enough to receive it as a gift.  Luciano used this tub for about 6 months, so I think we got our use of it. Here are some of the things I liked about the tub as well as some of the things I disliked.

Pros – 

  1. Thermometer – I loved that this tub has a digital thermometer! Now I can kind of gauge if the water is too hot or cold (plus I have an adorable duck that changes color when it is too hot!), but when Luci was younger I was terrified I would burn him or make him too cold – but luckily I never had to stress using this tub!  When it was too cold the temperature would light up blue and when the water was too hot the temperature would flash red and also beep.  This feature really sold me on the tub!
  2. Clean Water Reservoir – This feature is awesome!  I love that as clean water enters the tub the dirty water leaves.  This was especially great for post diaper blowout clean ups – when he really shouldn’t be soaking in his own yucks. 71mwaFAFxjL._SX425_
  3. Water Release Plugs – There were two different plugs in the tub side one was higher than the other and I liked having this because once Luci was old enough to sit up in the tub in the bath, I closed this so he was submerged in the water just a bit more.  There is a safety opening that does not have a plug so the water can not get too high.
  4. Size – This tub is the perfect size for the kitchen sink as well as the bathtub!

Cons – 

  1. Hard Plastic – The blue padding on the back is very thin and doesn’t provide any cushion for a newborn.  This made me extremely nervous so I went to Amazon and ordered a foam insert which was a lifesaver! –
  2. Roomy– This was a great thing for about three weeks before I started using a laundry basket in our tub to bathe him.  He had enough room to sit in the larger part which I liked but this was definitely a con when he was a newborn.  I felt there was too much room for him to slip around. Luckily, the above foam padding I ordered solved this problem as well.

Overall, I really liked this tub and I think Luci did too! I will definitely use the tub again and would continue to recommend not only the tub but also the brand! You can get the tub here –

Thanks for reading!

– Kylie 🙂

*All pictures from Amazon with Amazon Affiliate Links

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