Anyone who knows me knows I have a million ideas running through my brain at any given time – my family, crafting, makeup, cooking, cleaning, organizing, losing that baby weight (notice how I put that last 😉)  – the list goes on! I know I can’t be the only one! So I’ve turned to blogging to help to channel my love of writing all while organizing my mind and getting my ideas down on “paper” and maybe help some other crazies like me do the same!

Some info on me if you’re curious: I am head over heels in love with my high school sweetheart.  We got married in June of 2015, bought our first house April 2015, and had our first baby July 2016! Things have been hectic! I recently left my beloved job as a Literacy Aide to be a stay at home mom to my little munchkin Luciano. I graduated with my bachelors in Psychology in 2014 and am on the way to my masters (as well as my certification) in Elementary Education (yeah expect some activities in that area too – I told you I am all over the place!) I absolutely love the life I live and am completely blessed and excited to begin this journey and share ideas with all of you, as well as hear some of the ways you all manage your crazy lives too!

Stay here to organize your life one bottle at a time (whether that bottle is a baby bottle full of milk or a glass bottle full of wine 😉 I don’t judge!)

-Kylie xo