March 2017 Bluum Box

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well! I have a really cool post coming up this weekend that I am looking forward to.  But for now I wanted to share what came in my March Bluum box! Susan Brown's Baby Naturals Diaper Therapy Cream - Diaper rash creams are always awesome to receive -… Continue reading March 2017 Bluum Box

Kid Stuff!

Favorite Toys for Babies 0-5 Months Old

I thought since my little guy is (already?!) 6 months old it was time to share some of our favorite toys that we have been playing with for the past six months (while everything is still fresh in my mind LOL). I am so grateful and love (most of the time...) that I am able to spend my days with… Continue reading Favorite Toys for Babies 0-5 Months Old